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Postpartum weight loss tips?

I had a baby 18 days ago. It was a natural complication free delivery so my midwife said I could start to ease into an exercise routine. I have already lost 22 lbs from delivery and breastfeeding.
What has been working…

How come nobody understands the natural way of weight loss anymore?

its always about that new weight loss pill or some sort of magical diet. Why cant anyone understand the idea of proper eating along with exercise???Asked by:phelps_phan1

What is a healthy cleanse/weight loss diet?

I need something to do for 3 weeks because i am going on vacation…
i am 15 years old and i would like to lose 10 pounds if possible..
and something natural and healthy… something that will make me feel great. also…

Natural weight loss tips?

Just looking for tips people have used to lose weight??Asked by:Kaila R

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