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Planned-Diet Weight Loss – Raw Food Recipes Made Simple and …

At first glance you may be skeptical about yet another “ diet ”, but this is about bringing us back to a more natural , healthier way of eating . The raw food diet is a way of life and, once you try it, you may find it difficult to go back to

Raw Foods and Recipes – Resources for a Raw Foods Diet

Candy – chocolate is Followed by A Brief History of Decadence from it's origins like a hot drink of ancient Mesoamerican cultures to it's use within the natural food movement of today. Till it is use like a present day supplement

Raw & Organic Skin Care – If you Can't Eat It, Don't Use It | Body …

So, if you're super careful about eating fresh and organic foods , you want to also be super careful about what you put on top of your skin. The longer I work in the natural skin care industry the more I shift towards raw and organic ingredients

Diet soda, aspartame linked to premature deaths in … – Natural News

There are a thousand beverages healthier than diet sodas: tea, fruit juice, mineral water, raw almond milk… even non- diet sodas are better for you than diet sodas! (And diet sodas have been conclusively proven to have no effect …

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