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Does any tea help weight loss?

I am currently trying to lose a bit of weight. I am changing my diet and exercise habits, but i was wondering if tea helped weight loss. I am aware that green tea does, but would any tea work as a natural weight loss helper?

Asked by:Rachel Epstein

Is there a simple vegetarian weight loss diet that would be easy to follow in a college environment?

I’ll be going to college soon and I am overweight. While most people gain weight when they go to college, I’m nearly ashamed of eating in public so I’m hoping it will be a great opportunity to lose weight. I will probably make breakfast in the morning but my other 2 meals will be from dining halls. I was wondering if anyone knew a good vegetarian diet that would help me lose weight quickly without requiring I go to the grocery store often and buy ridiculous and expensive natural products.

Asked by:charcoalchimneysweep

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